Education and Training at Omnia

GP Registrars training and DFSRH trainees.

We are a RCGP and FSRH  approved training practice. 

GP Registrars Training.

Omnia has been a training practice for more than 15 years.

We are an enthusiastic and dynamic training practice who are keen to support GP registrars.

We hope that we have created a training environment that both challenges and encourages our registrars, our trainers invest a great deal of time and effort to help with the creation of world-class GP’s.

GP registrars are qualified doctors who are training to specialise in General practice. We are able to  accommodate 3x GP registrars at any given time .

We are a large inner city practice with 3 x GP trainers(Dr Rashiq  , Dr Trent and Dr Raghu) and  run our own in-house training rota which aims to meet the various and differing needs of the members of the primary health care team. The joint meetings also serve to strengthen relationships and build an effective team.

GP Registrar training at Omnia is busy, comprehensive and fun!

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DFSRH Trainee links.

*We offer practical training sessions for DFSRH trainees –once you have completed Course of 5.

* LOC- IUD / LOC- SDI-we offer practical training sessions.–nurse-diploma/

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